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Sunday, May 27th 2007, 8:19pm


Salut Aggony!

Just wanted to say hi and i enjoyed all the games i had with u guys last night was great playing one of the best once again :))

Also would like to say i like the forum you got here better than most clan forums i see and is really clear to see.

Hope the games keep coming on vi and hope to continue our stroll on vi :D

Cya soon all!



Sunday, May 27th 2007, 8:33pm

Hi Scias welcome :P

Glad u like the forum,agreed mate that it is :)

Yeah last nights battles alittle late by the time i got on still was fun :),
U see Aggonys armys differ from the norm we like to mix up our armys test them out, Ducky does that more than most with his mutant army units :P

Cu soon matey ;)
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Monday, May 28th 2007, 12:41pm

well he is half man , and half duck, a mutant himself :D

keep having fun scias
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Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 12:38pm

yes nice looking forum guys.

Maybe have to take another look at ours


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