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Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, 7:13pm

Clan War Belt M2TW Begins

hey aggs. i know i told you leo le leon but ive been commissioned to let every clan know officially. so here goes. CWB is starting soon and we would like to see a lot of english-speaking clans participate. it's some good 'ol cwb format fun.

CWB Main Forum:

Registration Thread w/ Rules:

thanks for your time, sirs. please consider it. :D


Tuesday, July 10th 2007, 1:36am

Hello mates, its a pleasure invite a great clan aggony to play the first season of CWB for MTW II. We host a good tourney whose rules try to avoid continuous rush of other matches, i hope that you like.

This is the ruleset:

In-Game Rules:
-10k per player
-No Art/Eles
-No corner camping
-8 Cavalry max (1v1), 16 Cavalry max per team (2v2), 24 Cavalry max per team (3v3) (all types of cav or camels)
-4 gunpowder units max in Late era
-4 archery units minimum (1v1), 8 minimum per team (2v2), 12 minimum per team (3v3) (all types of crossbows, archers or gundpowders, in foot or cav, javalines or jinetes no are arcs)
-No upgrades except valour
-Cant take same faction in different games of 6 possibles (2 1v1, 2 2v2 and last 2 3v3)
-Minimum 4 players should play each round.

Maps & Era (should change each 3 series)
1v1: early era, arsuf: Team I defender, Team II atacker.
2v2: late era, winter war : Team I atacker, team II defender.
3v3 high era, palm beach: Team II atacker, Team I defender.

1v1: 2 games, Win = 1 point, Lose = 0 points
2v2: 2 games, Win = 2 points, Lose = 0 points
3v3: 2 games, Win = 3 points, Lose = 0 points
Won the Series = 5 extra points (total max. points = 17 )
Lose the Series (but finishing, with no forfeit) = 2 extra points.

Challenges will be random.
The first two rounds of challenges no have a title challenge, the title challenge start in the third round of challenges if have 2 different clans in the 2 first places, if have three or more clans in the 2 first places, we wait to the next round of challenges.
In next round challenges, all have title games, the belt holder and the aspiring (except if have 2 or more aspirings of the title with the same points, in this case, this round no have a title game).

Rules and format will be reviewed when kingdoms and patch 1.3 released.

Its all, i hope we can have a Aggony Clan.


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Wednesday, July 11th 2007, 4:42pm

Thanks for your Post we are gathering our forces to compete in this tournament before we sign up, but looks good and one of are elders will fill out the Registration asap.

cheers :)
-Let's Lock and Load!!

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