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Wednesday, September 18th 2013, 1:32am

Hello Aggony

Been 3 years or so since my last visit...and again it makes this old warlord smile you guys are still around.

I have no plans to start playing TW again, just dropping by to say hello.

I wish you guys and gals all the best and I'll cherish the fond memories. Still miss this though.

Be well!

AggonyKasuga, Kaneyashi, Kas



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Wednesday, September 18th 2013, 2:09am

Hi m8! Nice to meet you, if you ever consider to play TW again, you know we'll be here :)
Words are wind. Loyalty is forever.


Le Grand Quack

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Wednesday, September 18th 2013, 5:20am

Hi Kas! Good to hear from you again. Hope all is well. :)


Wednesday, September 18th 2013, 3:33pm

Hey Kas :)

You certainly do not have an unfamiliar name.


Friday, September 20th 2013, 8:19am

Kas you should consider starting tw again :D



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Sunday, December 1st 2013, 10:19am

Kas, my friend ). It is truly amazing that Aggony clan made if for 12 years. Lynx dont play TW these days, but misses old good days.. Great net battles, everything was new, computers low and connections unstable. Time is ruthless ( glad you guys still around and playing!

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