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Saturday, June 25th 2016, 3:21pm

Creasy's Application

Hey all :)

Steam username: Creasy

Steam ID page:

How old are you? 26

Where do you hail from? Russia

Preferred funds/ unit size: Don't you think that this question is obsolete? :)

Why do you want to join us?

That is not a hard question to answer. You are one of the oldest and without a doubt the best clan, when it comes to producing top players. Over the last 6-7 years of competitive TW I got to know a lot of you - very skilled, very fun to play with and against. In general I just like your company.

Some background on me - I played TW in offline since 2004, in 2009 I joined online community. Quite quickly I became a member of USSR clan and played for them for a couple of years, joined a lot of tournaments, won a couple, hosted several, et cetera, et cetera. After some time I played for other russian clans, but it was always short-term or very little activity.

I played around 800 hours in Empire, 700 in Shogun 2 online; Napoleon, Rome II and Attila never were as interesting for me (100+ hours). Warhammers seems like a much better game, even though nothing can compare with avatar system. I want to play a lot, I want to play with fun and interesting company, I want to play for Aggony!

Were you contacted by an Aggony member?

I was not specifically invited by anyone, but over the last year or so I brought up a possibility of writing an application with PrussianPrince, Vaenson.

Best regards,


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Sunday, June 26th 2016, 10:01am

Good luck with your application Creasy! :)



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Sunday, June 26th 2016, 5:23pm

Hello Creasy, good luck with your application :)
There is always someone less fortunate, with real hunger, with real adversity, who made something of themselves. What is your excuse?


Sunday, June 26th 2016, 11:54pm

Thanks for application and gl!

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